Real Estate and Local Moving Services in East TN

Are you looking for a reliable moving company that could help you in relocating? Are you stated in East Tennessee and need someone to move your furniture, vases, couches and the rest of your apartment/house? Well, do not worry about the single thing, as we can help you! Let’s say you are living in Florida and you want to move to Tennessee? Hollywood Florida Movers will be your best choice! Why is that? Take a look below and see if we are what you are looking for!

The big storage

StorageYes, our crew comes equipped well to take the best care of your things and stuff! After you give us the call, you specify the address and we are at your location at the time you specify. We come with several trucks that offer big storage and can store up to two tons of weight, per single truck! All the trucks are brand new, coming from the branded truck companies like Man or Mercedes, so you can be sure that we provide the high-quality trucks that will move your things wherever you want.  Before we dispatch the units for moving, you need to tell us how much of furniture and things you have, so we could arrange the lineup.

In case you do not have a lot of stuff to move, we can use only one truck and the price will be lower. On the other hand, if you have a lot of things to move, we will send two or more trucks to take care of your stuff. Of course, the price will be a bit higher, but generally, when we compare the prices with other moving companies, we are proud to say that we are among the cheapest ones! Still, this does not mean we just throw you things in the truck and drive carelessly. On the contrary, we have the specially designed shelves, boxes and constructions to secure your things and prevent any breaking or falling.

Fast-moving – delivery on time

Fast-moversUnlike some other companies that charge a lot and take a lot of time to move your things, we can say that we have the professional drivers, who have over 500,000 miles+ of driving experience, which means they know every part of the country, from the east to the west, as well as from the north to the south! They know all the shortcuts and fast lanes so we could deliver your things on time. So far, we have never been late for a delivery, regardless of the locations and the routes!

Affordable prices and referral program

On top of all this, the prices are more than affordable! We always think of our customers and we want to give them the best offer when taking into consideration the amount of stuff and the distance. For all customers who have more than two trucks of stuff to move, we offer the special discount prices – just make sure you announce this when you call us so we could present you the special prices. Also, if you refer any of your friends, family members or colleagues to use our service, we offer you a 30% discount on every moving request you make in the future.